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Save recruiters' time!
Integrate and reconcile calendars automatically!
Impress candidates!

Value proposition

Time savings for recruiters

Time savings for recruiters

Meet2Hire delivers immediate information on available time slots based on current content of attendees’ calendars and displays it in a form of online reservation form. Free the recruiters from making several contacts to reconcile availability and set single meeting!

Candidates’ convenience

Candidates’ convenience

It takes 4 clicks and less than a minute to schedule a meeting with Meet2Hire! Impress your candidates with innovative approach and boost their interest with a mobile friendly tool of extraordinary ease of use, intuitive layout and immediate delivery of results.

Seamless implementation

Seamless implementation

Outlook, Office 356 or Google calendars may be perfectly integrated with just couple clicks. Well-organized scheduling with fully operational Meet2Hire dashboard and processes may be up and running in less than a week!

Excellent service

Excellent service

Whenever you need assistance from Meet2Hire team, we are happy to help! From implementation through delivery we help to communicate changes, train users and implement technology in structured and efficient way.

Meet Brian

How it works?

Meeting needed?

Recruiter sends text message via Meet2Hire to candidate with the link to online scheduler.

Meet2Hire magic happens

Instead of recruiter making several contacts to candidate and other invitees (managers, team leaders, testers etc.) to collect availability and confirm the meeting, Meet2Hire immediately shows available time slots to the candidate online.

Meeting scheduled!

Candidate chooses a suitable time and meeting is set in calendars of all required invitees with email notifications distributed respectively.

Meeting managed

Candidate is able at any time to cancel or reschedule meeting. All meetings are listed on integrated recruiters’ dashboard delivering all needed information at glance.

Meeting completed!

I’ve been in three parallel recruitment processes and I was astonished how quickly I could set up meetings using Meet2Hire! Other recruiters were still calling me trying to find joint time-slot when I’ve been already attending meetings scheduled by Meet2Hire!
I was a bit skeptic when we started using Meet2Hire, I was afraid to lose personal contact with candidates. But I quickly found out that the only lost things were delays and pointless calls – candidates were extremely happy with immediate bookings!
So easy and efficient! Sometimes I've been called few times before we managed to set a time of the meeting but this time Meet2Hire did the trick in literally less than a minute.
When I heard I will get a link to book my interview I was really surprised! Usually we were emailing back and forth with recruiters until we agreed some suitable time and now it’s done automatically, superb idea!


Yes, to deliver our services we use extended version of Calendly technology – global leader in scheduling integration.

No, the only information passed to Meet2Hire is available/busy marker, your actual content of the calendar (descriptions of meetings, attendees of non-Meet2Hire meetings etc.) is not shared. Even for meetings scheduled by Meet2Hire you can only add information (e.g. attachment) to meeting in your calendar and this change will be visible to invitees of the meeting from your organization only.

At the moment only candidate is able to cancel the meeting automatically using the link provided in confirmation note. If for some reason the meeting needs to be cancelled by your organization our helpdesk will gladly help with this!

At the moment we are able to integrate Outlook, Office 365 and Google calendars. If you need integration with another calendar service please contact us to discuss options!

There is no limit on number of users, we can set up organizations from single user up to thousands users.

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